Special Holter Issue of Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases edited by Dr Wojciech Zareba and dedicated to Professor Shlomo Stern has just been released!

You can find it on:www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/00330620/56/2


Shlomo Stern

Dear All,

With deep regret and sadness I am to share with you the news
of the death of Professor Shlomo Stern, one of the great ISHNE founders - actual father
of our Society and its good spirit.

The great scientist recognized all over the world as well as the pioneer of Holter monitoring passed away. Patients have lost their beloved doctor. People working closely with ISHNE have lost
a friend, a mentor, a warm and good man.

It is hard to imagine that at the next BOT meeting he will not speak, as usual, quietly, wisely
and as the last one - summarizing discussions and proposing good Solomon solution.

With deep regret

Ryszard Piotrowicz
President of ISHNE

→ In memory of Shlomo

On 26-28 September in Wrocław (Poland) the XVII International Congress of Polish Cardiac Society was organized. During this Congress a Joint Session of Polish Cardiac Society and ISHNE was held. The session entitled “Who Should be Qualified for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy” was chaired by Iwona Cygankiewicz and Krzysztof Wranicz and it attracted great interest among participants of the Congress.

Dear Colleagues,

Being elected  the President is a great honor but first of all I feel a great responsibility. I am sure the members of the new Board of Trusties and Governors feel the same. I believe that WE ALL TOGETHER will work with full engagement.

Dear Colleagues,

With great satisfaction I wish to inform you that the new website of ISHNE has been created.

There, you can find a lot of information about 20-year-long history of our Society, its present time and the plans for the future.

The website provides you all with new possibilities to contact and collaborate with the Society, and to communicate with one another.

July 17, 2013

It is with the upmost appreciation, admiration, and gratitude that we honor Bruce Del Mar on his 100th birthday. Bruce has been one of the original and most important inventors and developers of ambulatory (Holter) equipment. He met with Norman Jefferis “Jeff” Holter in 1962 and together they developed the first equipment used in the recording of ECG signals from ambulatory individuals. The technologies have evolved to an extraordinary degree since the early days when an “ambulatory” monitor was larger than a heavy backpack.